City break Wroclaw

It is difficult to encapsulate Wroclaw into a simple description. Many people rate historical Wroclaw as the finest and most laid-back city in Poland. Not only Wroclaw, but also the entire Silesian region is worth a longer stay. Having absorbed Bohemian, Austrian and Prussian influences, the city has a unique architectural and cultural make-up, symbolised by its magnificent market square. Wrocław’s location on the Odra River, with its 12 islands, 130 bridges and riverside parks, is idyllic, and the beautifully preserved ecclesiastical district is a treat for lovers of Gothic architecture. But Wrocław is not just a pretty face. It is Poland’s fourth-largest city and the major industrial, commercial and educational centre for the region; virtually everything in southwestern Poland starts, finishes or is taking place in Wrocław. At the same time it’s a lively cultural centre, with several theaters, some major festivals, rampant nightlife and a large student community.

Itinerary Proposal

Day 1: Arrival, transfer airport – hotel, check in.

Day 2: HD city tour of Wroclaw with local guide. Visit the most important attractions in the city.

Day 3: Check out, transfer hotel – airport.