City break Warsaw

Poland's capital is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. The investment boom is visible everywhere you look. In an impressive gesture from the communist government, Old and New Town were virtually rebuilt from scratch following the devastation of WWII. Not so impressive was the fact that it was done at the expense of numerous other towns. Over 27 million bricks were 'contributed' by Szczecin alone - a town largely untouched by war but subsequently robbed of its beauty by the Warsaw rebuilding program. The whole area suffers from an almost Legoland feel - the bright walls, swarms of school-children and random Dunkin' Donuts signs don't help. Nevertheless it remains a great tribute to Warsaw's determination to rise from the rubble of war. As well as being a great place to amble round, hopping from restaurant to café, it is also home to some fine historical sites: the Barbican (genuine ruins!), Royal Castle and St. John's Cathedral. Old Town's inclusion on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1980 speaks volumes for the painstaking and masterful restoration work.

Itinerary Proposal

Day 1: Arrival, transfer airport – hotel, check in.

Day 2: HD city tour of Warsaw with local guide. Visit the most important attractions in the city.

Day 3: Check out, transfer hotel – airport.